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Mail order brides

When you hear of mail order brides, you probably don’t think of a beautiful, intelligent woman from a good family. The common misconception about mail order brides is that they are trying to escape from a bad situation, socially and financially, and are willing to sell themselves into marriage. While this may be the case with many brides from Asian or Latin American countries, Russian mail order brides are a completely different case. Russia is now one of the strongest world economies and its citizens, male and female, have many opportunities. Russian women are educated, intelligent, chic and very worldly. So, why would such a woman, who would blow away most western women, search for a husband abroad? Because of a population inbalance in Russia, women are trapped in a vicious circle. They must constantly compete amongst themselves in order to snag the few available men. Because men know they are a hot commodity, they can get away with treating Russian women disrespectfully. While a gorgeous, intelligent western women would never put up with a rude husband who treats her like a slave, Russian women feel trapped and lonely. Instead of getting caught up in this cycle, many Russians are finding their ideal man by becoming mail order brides.

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